Reinforced toe Tights pantyhose nylon stocking?

I prefer to wear Reinforced toe nylon, to protect from running and to hide my toes, i don't like to show them up. what do you prefer ??? sheer toe or reinforced toe ?? why? It seems to me that the reinforced toe is a forgotten touch of femininity, less and less women wear hosiery, let alone even knowing there there's such a thing as reinforced toe ones.

I feel women are a little shy or embarrassed to show RT, it doens't look that finished to them or it is weird that their toes are another color or if they dare wearing sandals with hose (I wish they did that), they are afraid that the RT shows they have nylons.

Truth is as a guy usually adores RT as there's another layer of mystery to slowly remove before seeing the pretty toes. Also it feels as an intimate detail, something usually hidden in shoes or in a homely situation, and so when we get to see it, it's beautiful. It's dark yet still a little transparent, it's sensual, it cuts across the toes, emphasizing their being compacted into a continuous curve. Finally, imagine a woman slowly removing her closed shoes, dark nylon covered feet more and more exposed till the point when an even darker area gets shown..hmmm. Instead the sandal-toes ones, the sheer toe, they end up looking like bags that you put around your feet, all the same, indifferent to the magic toes area.


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