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Daily updated galleries showing amateur pictures of sexy legs, feet, toes and soles covered with smooth and silky nylons. Real girlfriends and housewives showing legs and feet in stockings, pantyhose and knee highs. This blog has been moved here from

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Pantyhose can be uncomfortable

Whether you like it or not, men and women alike have input on what looks professional in the office. Discounting an opinion because it comes from a man is kind of pointless, unless you only work with women. Pantyhose can be uncomfortable. what about getting a run while exiting the car in front of thw building you are interviewing at.. what looks worse.. run or no hose. I wear pantyhose based upon my outfit. Pants.. never. long skirts.. prefer thigh level hose. dresses or mid-length skirts..neutral colored pantyhose. Hot days, pantyhose can be very uncomfortable. Cold, rainy days.. they can keep the legs warm. Should it be a practical use . there was a time when cotton stockings, knee highs were more the fashion and nylon stockings weren?t common.

Teenage Girlfriends In Color Pantyhose

Men look at womens legs because well, THEY ARE MEN!

Men look at womens legs because well, THEY ARE MEN, no matter how much we try to change them, it won?t work. I have a tattoo on my leg that is not really noticable, especially when I wear hose and one of my bosses commented that even I had a tattoo when a discussion came up about working in an office environment and having to many body embelishments. Well, that means that my straight laced boss has looked at my legs and he has never ever made a pass at me or made me feel uncomfortable, he is JUST A MAN!!! That being said, wear the hose or not, it is up to you but I would never go to a job interview wearing a skirt without them. After your hired and doing a great job, then test the waters by wearing a dress without them, not before.

Cuties In Nylon Pantyhose

Be required to wear pantyhose for one day

All the men commenting on this should be required to wear pantyhose for one day before they are allowed to speak. Otherwise, you just sound like misogynist douches. This is a cultural problem that needs to be overcome. Why are you assessing a woman?s legs in the workplace anyways? Personally, I am not opposed to looking nice in the office and wearing the occasional skirt. But as a young professional, the idea of wearing pantyhose to work makes me want to gag, and furthermore, I think in a progressive workplace it makes you appear really out of touch and more importantly ? weird as hell.

Naughty Pictures Of Real Next Door Girlfriends

Trouser socks can come in numerous patterns, and colors

Trouser socks can come in numerous patterns, and colors. Some are quite whimsical, and can be fun to wear as an accessory to an outfit. Others come in plain colors for those who wish a more conservative sock. Variety is extensive and can fulfill sock requirements for numerous occasions.

If one is out of trouser socks, one might sneak over to a husband or boyfriend?s drawer and swipe a pair of men?s dress socks. Lightweight men?s dress socks are often just as comfortable with loafers or slightly dressy shoes, and are often easier on the calves than women?s trouser socks. Unfortunately, color and patterns may be slightly more limited in men?s dress socks than with women?s trouser socks. However, men?s socks can make a good substitution in a pinch.

Recent studies regarding socks and blisters to the feet show that socks made from materials like nylon, polyester or spandex actually cause fewer blisters than those made from natural fibers. When breaking in a new pair of shoes, trouser socks can really come in handy, since they will generally result in fewer blisters than cotton socks. However, if one is wearing summer sandals, trouser socks, and any other kinds of socks are considered a fashion no-no.

Some trouser socks also contain spandex

Some trouser socks also contain spandex. This highly flexible fabric keeps the sock shape, and helps them stay up. It is also thought more comfortable by many, especially when used at the top of the sock. It tends not to cut off the circulation to the legs in those with larger calves.

One can also find trouser socks made specifically for plus size women, or simply for women with a generous calf-muscle. These tend to have a wider opening, providing more comfort during daily wear. If regular trouser socks leave large marks on the legs, finding plus size trouser socks may be a good idea.

Natural average girls posing in pantyhose

High degree of nylon in the knit of trouser socks

Trouser socks are socks made for women that generally reach to the upper calf or just below the knee depending upon one?s height. They are often constructed of light materials like nylon so they can be easily worn with more narrow shoes like pumps. They tend to replace the now less popular nylon knee-highs that were worn in the past.

Like knee-highs, the high degree of nylon in the knit of trouser socks often makes them quite delicate. Trouser socks tend to be slightly more durable than nylon knee-highs. However, they can and do get runs, especially if simply washed in the washing machine. One can get longer life out of one?s trouser socks by either handwashing them, or by washing them in a fabric bag on a delicate or handwash cycle of a washing machine. Many prefer to use the washing machine, since trouser socks, like all socks, can get rather smelly after a time.

Meet local women in pantyhose, really!

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